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Minot, ND - Air Duct Cleaning

Your HVAC system is a complex fixture of your home. The furnace, filters, supply lines, return lines, vents — it’s a lot of different parts and they all require maintenance to keep running smoothly.

Did you know that your HVAC system does more than just heat and cool your air within your home? It also acts as a filter, removing dust, debris, and allergens from the air. Unfortunately, like any filter, it can become clogged. Over time, these contaminants build up in the ductwork. Once that happens, your HVAC system goes from protecting your indoor air quality to hurting it.

Luckily, that’s where Fresh Sweeps Chimney & Air Duct can help. Combining compressed air, agitation tools, and a powerful negative air pressure machine, we can remove years of built-up dust and debris. Fresh Sweeps can help your system continue to run well and remove the contaminants that would harm the indoor air quality in your home.

You can Fresh Sweeps to handle your Minot air duct cleaning. Every one of our technicians has earned the National Air Duct Cleaners Association’s Air Systems Cleaning Specialist certification. 

If you’re ready to schedule a Minot air duct cleaning, call us at 701-207-8400. We look forward to serving you soon!

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.5 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 7 Chimney Cleaning Services Reviews
Nice and keeped everything cleaned out the cleaning. CJ. - , ND - 03/28/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Jordan was very professional. He kept me informed on everything from time of arrival to finishing . Fresh Sweeps was kind enough to squeeze me in during this freezing weather . I am pleased with the work done and the staff that helped me. MH. - Fessenden, ND - 01/19/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Fresh sweeps Jordan was Knowledgeable and very pleasent to talk to. He cleaned my chimney and added a crown coat on the roof. Will use again. sl. - Minot, ND - 10/24/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

Meet Mike Burton and Jordan Engel


Have you noticed that your throat and eyes have felt itchy? Been having headaches with more regularity? If so, it could be due to poor indoor air quality from a clogged HVAC system. Mike Burton, Jordan Engel, and their team of expert technicians can get you quality results and remove contaminants that have built up in your HVAC system.

Protecting Homes & Giving Back

When your HVAC system becomes laden with dust, debris, and allergens, your indoor air quality suffers. If you want to have a comfortable, healthy home, your HVAC system needs to have these contaminants removed.

If you're searching for a Minot air duct cleaning expert, Fresh Sweeps can help. Our certified cleaners will work hard to clean out your system and extract the buildup of contaminants that has it clogged.

Chimney Sweeping & Dryer Vent Cleaning Also Available

Fresh Sweeps doesn’t stop at Minot air duct cleaning. We are proud to also be able to sweep your chimney or do your dryer vent cleaning for you. We'll work hard to improve the safety and health of your home.

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