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To energize, motivate and reward team members by being "FRESH"

Fresh Sweeps Value Statement: The “How” Behind the “What”

Every person carries a way of looking at life into each day. Some call this a “worldview” that describes how they look at themselves, others and the planet on which they live. At Fresh Sweeps, we have a unique perspective on the “how” connected to “what” we do on every call. It is important for property owners and managers to understand this outlook.

That’s because how phone calls and email are handled is a reflection of what the company truly values. The same applies when a Fresh Sweeps field technician arrives for chimney cleaning, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. It can, and should, be obvious through the actions and attitudes of everyone a customer encounters along the way. And that includes the customer service team if there are questions or complications.

The Value Statement: to energize, motivate and reward team members is built on five attributes that, not surprisingly, spell “Fresh.”

Friendly Have a smile on your face and in your voice when interacting with others
Make each person you interact with feel important
Acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake and apologize to those affected by it

Respectful Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to others
Reserve your opinions and decisions until you’ve listened to the facts
Work as a team and support each other at all times

Ethical Do the right thing in all circumstances
Let everything you do reflect professionalism, good character and integrity
Display wisdom by listening to others and never thinking your own way is always right

Superior Service Maintain a positive and helpful attitude in all circumstances
Work diligently in all that you do
Earn our customers trust by being reliable, efficient and honest in all that we do

Have Fun Enjoy bringing superior standards to chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning
Celebrate the ability to meet terrific people and serve the community
Make each day special for yourself and each person you encounter

The Value of Values: How Fresh Sweeps thrives in a competitive market

As suggested before, each person looks at life differently and assigns value to others accordingly. The same is true of government agencies, organizations and companies. Fresh Sweeps’ values are on record publicly for anyone to study. As a result, customers who agree can proceed confidently to book appointments for chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

In the same way, competitors small and large have some “hows” behind their “whats.” By being actively involved in the market, Fresh Sweeps has observed some behaviors that give the company even greater cause for optimism. At the same time, those who contract for services should evaluate providers with at least three questions in mind.

Question #1: What do others say about them? Gathering reviews is important in any product or service category. Unlike some others that may be more affected by single opinions or fraudulent efforts, the ratings of Fresh Sweeps customers reflect a clear view of the company. One that’s worth considering. (link to review page)

Question #2: Does what’s said on the website line up with early experiences with a call center or online scheduling system? Look for consistency as an important measure of credibility. While no person or organization is perfect all of the time, do they make – and keep – their commitments? Is their estimating and pricing structure clear and fair? Do they appear to be equipped to high standards in chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

Question #3: Is the company generous and committed beyond their own best interests? While donations to charity are only one measure, a company’s heart for people is vital. That includes how they treat their employees, contractors and those with whom they work to complete home maintenance and repair. Online reviews are part of the story, as are conversations with local managers and technicians. If they are happy, motivated and professional, there are plenty of reasons to be confident.

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