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Even Stronger Together: Fresh Sweeps Management Team’s Story

Many local home services companies are founded by an owner with a strong vision for service. Yet, to succeed in an environment where local conditions, building codes, industry practices and financial considerations are in flux takes a broad perspective. One that comes from a complementary team of leaders who bring their unique talents to the table.

Fresh Sweeps, as with the company that inspired its creation, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, is an example of finding the right people. And then allowing them to work individually and collaboratively to solve longstanding problems in the chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning industries. Many of these had previously been assumed to be “the way things are” both by homeowners and commercial property owners.

Jonathan Barnett

President and CEO, MBA, CFE

“Speed through systems. Ownership through scoring. Trust through transparency. Behind every business are principles that shape it, and these are the ideas that define Fresh... Read More >>

Kris Antolak

Vice President, CFE

“Behind every great company is a great team, and my job is to help our team thrive. I’m proud to work with some of the... Read More >>

Common Ground: Fresh Sweep Leadership Attributes

#1. PURPOSE is what comes before attaching words, organizational structures and capital expenditures to an enterprise. It is what turns beliefs into an actionable mission, personal values into business practices.

#2. RESILIENCE means handling the ups and downs of a business with grace and strength. This quality, like the others, came from parents and others who mentored Fresh Sweeps executives long before the business came into being.

#3. CONSISTENCY is critical with operations that extend well beyond the greater Denver headquarters of the enterprise. Residential and commercial customers notice this predictability over several calls or if they have properties in different locations.

#4. CURIOSITY leads to continuous improvement through practical experience in addition to the guidance of others. Membership in national associations is only one way that learning is part of being a Fresh Sweeps leader.

#5. BALANCE allows members of the leadership team to look at chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning from a healthy perspective. These important services are valuable only if they truly advanced the health, comfort and safety of customers along with their families, guests and tenants.

#6. PRACTICALITY is where much of a business needs to concentrate. Does a product or service really deliver important results? What is the best way to allow the greatness number of customers to get these benefits? How can the business be organized to succeed and grow over time?

BENEFITS FROM THE TEAM’S STRENGTH by calling or going online today to schedule chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning.

What Customers Are Saying

It was quck and the technician was very nice ! JE. - Minot, ND - 01/11/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Fresh Sweeps arrived on time and was very courteous. They did a thorough job of analyzing the entire chimney, flue and damper. Fresh Sweeps provided covering to ensure that the ash didn't get on anything, cleaned the entire chimney and provided before and after video. I would highly recommend Fresh Sweeps for any future fireplace needs. BF. - Boulder, CO - 11/29/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Cleaned and inspected my wood burning stove. Now we feel safe to burn again. thanks! ca. - Bismarck, ND - 10/24/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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Fresh Sweeps can improve the comfort, safety, and security of all rooms in your home or business. We’ll transform your worries about the cleanliness and safety of your chimney, air duct, and dryer vent systems into peace of mind. Make a clean sweep of these important systems – call our friendly Scheduling Center today!

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Fresh Sweeps trained technicians can handle animal removal in chimneys and ventilation systems. No matter if it's a raccoon, bird, or other animal in the chimney, we can remove it humanely and safely.