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Chimney Inspections: Beyond The Obvious

Often, the most significant challenges to health, security and safety are not obvious. This is true when it comes to chimneys, including those that are used infrequently or have never been used since purchasing a property.

The Fresh Sweeps local team shows up, prepared to employ their experience with chimney sweeping to evaluate both visible and hidden safety and performance risks from the room to the roof.

These thorough inspections follow rigorous national standards and are performed at distinct levels based upon the homeowner’s situation.

LEVEL 1 Relies upon the homeowner’s reports of reliable burning, and focuses on inspecting all easily accessible parts of the chimney system

LEVEL 2 Builds upon Level 1 inspection with a full flue video scan to provide a more comprehensive look many new and long-time homeowners are lacking

Chimney inspections are part of the complete service menu offered by every local Fresh Sweeps team. One that includes chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

The primary goal is to improve the safety of occupants, guests, pets and belongings. That means looking for fire hazards along with the potential for production of poisonous fumes including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Fire and fumes, even those undetected, are worth every bit of attention put on the chimney system.

Safety extends to the hearth and brickwork as well. Chipped, broken or falling masonry and bricks are impact hazards. Also, the presence of mortar dust and sharp edges is unwelcome to children and pets in particular. Those suffering from compromised respiratory systems – including asthma — are at greater risk as well.

Another important goal of chimney inspection is the well being of the physical property itself. The potential for damage goes all the way from dust and grit on furniture and personal belongings to costly soot and smoke damage to the home. Chimney fire hazards can even mean the total loss of the home and its contents to fire.

Third, but still important, is the energy and fuel efficiency of the chimney system. This applies if there are documented or suspected concerns about the quality of combustion of a wood, pellet, oil- or gas-fired fireplace or heating appliance. Or if a new appliance has been installed. And if the existing chimney system was altered in any way.

The local Fresh Sweeps team is adept at assessing the chimney system’s current status. Then in working with the homeowner to determine which level of inspection is the best place to start. If there’s a documented history of chimney inspection and chimney sweeping, Level 1 service may be a solid choice.

However, if there’s been a big time gap between inspections, a Level 2 effort makes sense. The same is true if the home has recently transferred ownership, the chimney has been used frequently or there are indications that all is not right.

KNOW THE FACTS, STAY SAFE with a Fresh Sweeps chimney inspection. Call or go online now to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule. Don’t delay, even if your chimney or heating appliance has been sitting idle for some time.

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I appreciate the ease in appointment scheduling and the efficient service. I especially liked Anthony’s willingness to answer questions completely and his suggestions on what I can do to operate my fireplace safely. His inspection guarantee is good for one year, which is a big customer bonus. LT. - Littleton, CO - 02/01/2024
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