Commercial Building Safety: A Lot Is at Stake

The responsibility of a commercial property owner, as well as that of property managers and maintenance directors, is significant. They are responsible in no small part for the satisfaction of building tenants, guests, and employees.

After all, they must create and maintain an environment that includes everything from safe walkways to clean bathrooms to adequate lighting. Their duties extend to sound control, indoor air quality, and temperature control. It’s a lot to take care of.

But in properties where clothes dryers are used in individual units or in a laundry rooms, the managers duties are even greater. Whether or not tenants realize it, the safety of dryers and their venting systems is not assured without regular, professional maintenance.

As dryers expel fibers and other materials commonly called “lint,” they are the source of life- and property-endangering fires across the United States each year. This is due, in part, because of the high temperatures at which dryers operate to effectively dry apparel and other fabric items.

But property managers have to find ways to prevent such problems in their properties. Fresh Sweeps is here to help with that all-important mission.

There’s No Excuse for Dryer Vent Fires

The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that 15,600 structural fires occur each year connected with dryers and dryer venting systems. The $100 million in property damage is not inconsequential, but worse are the 400 injuries and annual death toll of 15 people.

Now zoom in even closer on commercial dryer fires. Here is where the reality of the risks associated with commercial property are sobering: dryer fires involving commercial dryers have a 78% higher injury rate than residential dryer fires.

Most of these devastating consequences are a direct result of blocked exhaust air systems that have been encumbered by accumulated lint and debris. Preventing many of these tragedies is not difficult – one must just take care of the dryer vent system.

Fresh Sweeps Is Here to Help

Dryer vent cleaning, as implemented by trained and certified technicians, is a core service of local Fresh Sweeps locations. When it comes to this service, it’s worth finding and trusting a skilled service provider. Turning to ill-equipped or poorly-rated individuals or companies can make all the difference – but not for the better.

That’s because proper dryer vent cleaning is not a place where ‘okay’ is good enough. Many systems contain obstacles to proper venting or inadequate collection and disposal of lint as well as debris. These include in-duct lint snagging points that can go undetected by second-tier service providers.

That means Fresh Sweeps approach to thoroughly cleaning and tuning the system is exactly what commercial property owners and managers require. Once the work has been completed during the specific call time agreed upon by all parties, Fresh Sweeps will review the results of their cleaning and address any concerns based upon the system’s individual characteristics. We’ll never leave you in the dark about your commercial dryer vent system.

Get Safer with Fresh Sweeps

All it takes is a single phone call to put Fresh Sweep’s commitment to its clients to work, whether we’re performing a commercial dryer vent cleaning in a single unit or multi-unit building or across geographically-dispersed projects.

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