Dryer Vent Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take for lint to block the duct? A. Both the volume and type of clothing, linens, and towels being washed and then dried affect the creation of lint. For example, softer fleecier fabrics that are more prone to shedding material can create significant lint volumes in a short period of time. Once the lint filter has become filled and the dryer vent becomes the repository of fabric lint, the dryer begins to work harder. Depending upon the length of duct and channeling of the dryer ducting, lint compromises exhaust airflow in a few as three to six months.

Q. Is fire danger an actual risk? Do I need to get dryer vent cleanings? A. Lint is a highly flammable material. Whether comprised of cotton, polyester, nylon or other fibers, it is inherently a fire danger even in smaller amounts. Almost like the tinder of a campfire, lint provides a flame and heat to trigger combustion within the dryer itself. Or, more likely, the wall through which the ducting passes. Dryer vent fires are a genuine risk and needs to be protected against.

Q. If my dryer isn’t drying very well. Could it be the ducting? A. A properly operating dryer means that several things are working correctly. After checking the dryer’s settings to make certain they match the loads being run, a regular check of the pullout filter is important. This simple step can aid timely drying as well as reduction of lint on items in the dryer. If settings and removable filter are in order, evaluating the ducting is the next step. This includes making certain exhaust air can move freely and it unrestricted by excessive lint build up. Fresh Sweeps can help with this.

Q. Can’t I simply send the dryer exhaust air into the room? A.Sometimes the easiest and fastest solution can be the most dangerous. This in the case if the dryer exhaust is sent directly into the room instead of through the in-wall or in-ceiling ducting system. Not only will hot, lint-bearing air be pushed into the laundry room and beyond, but also the danger to children and pets is high. The same applies to the now comprised air quality of the home’s interior.

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