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Air Duct Safety: Hidden Concerns That Deserve Attention

By now, the Fresh Sweeps view of homes, condominiums, rental and vacation properties is becoming clear. With a focus on the comfort, security and safety of occupants, there’s little room for breezing through an inspection, cleaning or service call simply to get on with the day.

On the contrary, the local Fresh Sweeps team isn’t ready to make assumptions about the function or cleanliness of any important system in the home. That’s why chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning all are part of the standard service menu.

No matter whether the home is heated by a fireplace or other heating appliance and cooled by HVAC system powered by a heat exchanger or heat pump, there’s likely an extensive network of air ducts throughout the property. This air circulation system includes intake grates as well as air vents in most rooms.

The air moves both actively (when a mechanical blower is turned on) and passively (because of differences in air temperature and pressure around the home). In all cases, air ducts originate at the HVAC source to channel air to keep the home comfortable no matter the outside weather conditions.

Why Air Ducts Can’t be Ignored: Three Top Reasons

Reason #1: The original installation may have created moisture and dust “traps.”

Low or dead spots in the air ducts can become areas where dust and debris accumulates. This can be due to how the sheet metal was formed or the way it was joined, but no matter the cause, the air ducts do not permit steady, uninterrupted air movement. Debris, allergens, and dust find their way into these imperfections, harming indoor air quality over time.

Reason #2: Seasonal and situational conditions present threats.

Nearly even home location is subject to seasonal plant allergens. These are produced by trees, grasses, shrubs and other plants while they leaf out, bloom and release their pollen and seeds. The challenge for homeowners is this; a sensitivity to one or more allergens can appear at any point and at any age. By their very nature, air ducts promote the circulation of these allergens inside a home.

Reason #3: Lifestyle choices can make things worse.

Some homes are occupied or visited by smokers. Many more are safe havens for pets. In either of these situations, more particles end up in the air and inside the air ducts. Fresh Sweeps field technicians are aware of factors like these affecting indoor air quality and consequently put their energy into reducing said factors with advanced air duct cleaning.

IMPROVE INDOOR AIR QUALITY NOW with an air duct cleaning service call from Fresh Sweeps. All to the standards you’d expect from certified technicians.

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