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Commercial Chimney Sweeping
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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning: Fresh Sweeps Takes on the Toughest Jobs

In a commercial property – whether a residential rental, multi-unit property, or business building – the HVAC system can be complex. Not unlike a bowl of spaghetti noodles, the path from fresh intake to furnace or air conditioner can be confusing and intertwined.

The same is true when it comes to distributing fresh, heated or cooled air to individual units and the rooms within them. In many cases, the HVAC system was installed to fit the contractor’s preferences and meet existing code – NOT to simplify the cleaning of what can be hundreds of yards of ducting.

Fresh Sweeps stands ready to solve the riddle of complex, intertwined air ducting systems. The goal of Fresh Sweeps’ local team of trained technicians is to improve the indoor air quality for residents, guests, and tenants all four seasons of the year. They also strive to help reduce airborne and surface dust, thus helping keep facilities cleaner and easier to maintain at the same time.

Why Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Is a Must

Regular, professional air duct cleaning from Fresh Sweeps can help address several issues in your properties. Allergens, both those that are year round in the environment and the types that are seasonal, need to be taken out of circulation whenever possible. While air filters accomplish part of this process, it may not be enough.

These allergens may include pet dander from animals living or visiting the property. Even common dust can irritate sensitive lungs, with even greater negative effects on younger children, older adults, and those suffering from illness or disease. Allergens are challenging as they take so many forms and affect many people. Commercial air duct cleaning can help.

Air duct cleaning further rids the property’s rooms of particles attached to vent grates. The metal or plastic surfaces of these many grates also become a magnet for all types of common, seasonal, and animal-produced particles – Fresh Sweeps can help with all of it.

How Fresh Sweeps’ Commercial Air Duct Cleanings Can Help

There is no doubt that dirty, damp, clogged, or vent-restricted air ducting creates the potential for increased indoor air quality problems.

In the pursuit of occupant comfort, safety, and security, Fresh Sweeps cleans the entire air duct system using a HEPA-compliant vacuum system. This comprehensive air duct cleaning includes all points of air inflow, the ducting through the property, HVAC system blowers, and individual room vent grates.

Once the work is done, there will be little evidence of the Fresh Sweeps visit – beyond improved indoor air quality, tidier intake and output vents, and now-clean cosmetic grates.

Existing and new residents will experience a difference. Potential buyers will see the diligence of property managers in protecting the investments. The documentation provided by the local Fresh Sweeps team will aid the owner in establishing an elevated value for each square foot or unit. These, and many more factors, all contribute to the value of a commercial air duct cleaning.

Whether the temperature is hot, cold or moderate at present, the time is now to improve indoor air quality for residents, tenants, and guests. Click here to schedule a local Fresh Sweeps technician at a time that’s right for you!

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Cleaned my dryer vent great work and pricing. Jordan was very knowledgeable. ag. - Lincoln, ND - 10/24/2023
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