Dryer Vent Cleaning: What You Can Expect

In a single-unit residence, the need for regular dryer vent cleaning can be more manageable and predictable. As the average home does nearly 275 loads a year, the build-up of lint and other flammable materials within the system can be somewhat anticipated. Service by a trained Fresh Sweeps technician can be scheduled to keep the home safe and the dryer working efficiently.

This kind of predictability is normally not the situation with commercial properties. Even in the case of residential rental units, the usage by any particular occupant or occupants can be erratic at best. When this is compounded across more than one individual property or multi-unit projects, being able to anticipate the need for service becomes far more difficult.

With all of the uncertainty about the potential fire hazards and equipment damage associated with impeded dryer vents, it’s important to have a reliable service provider who you trust – Fresh Sweeps. We are the commercial dryer vent cleaner you can turn to for quality service and a professional approach.

Service First – Even Before the Visit

Fresh Sweeps demonstrates a commitment to satisfied commercial property owners and managers even before the first site visit. By connecting via phone, essential details about the dryer vent cleaning situation are catalogued from the very start. Very importantly, dryer vent cleaning appointments are scheduled to fit the needs of property managers and tenants alike.

This is extremely different from the “window” or “block” schedule used by most service contractors. In these cases, the provider requires the customer to “stand by” for two, four, or even eight hours in anticipation of the crew’s arrival. The result is frustration, disappointment, and a wasted day if the crew becomes tied up on another call.

Not so with Fresh Sweeps. Here, specific appointment times are set to fit the schedule of property managers and tenants. We value your time and will not waste it.

Fresh Sweeps Arrives Ready to Help

Fresh Sweeps’ highly trained technicians arrive at commercial locations prepared to provide exceptional service. That’s true whether this is our inaugural dryer vent cleaning with the property or is part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program.

These technicians have both the know-how and the equipment necessary to complete the commercial dryer vent cleaning at a high level of quality within the shortest time possible. This ability to minimize the downtime of your system is only possible because of our advanced cleaning system and our commitment to your property.

This commitment continues as technicians work to keep the area they’re working in as clean and uncluttered as absolutely possible and practical. Even though lint, dust and other materials are being scoured from the system, careful steps are taken to guard floors and other surfaces from unwanted materials.

Thorough Dryer Vent Cleaning

Some less qualified, trained, and motivated service providers concentrate on cleaning out the most accessible parts of the dryer vent system. But because fire-prone materials can reside anywhere from immediately inside the dryer unit all the way to the outside venting, it is critical that the commercial dryer vent cleaning remove obstacles inch-by-inch: An “easy and quick” attitude can fail to reduce fire risk.

You can count on your Fresh Sweeps technician to be extremely thorough during the cleaning process. You can also rely upon them to, once you are satisfied with the results, swiftly remove all equipment, drop cloths, and supplies from the dryer area. Then, the path to the door and then the service vehicle is checked to make certain it has been returned to pre-call condition. We pride ourselves on not bogging down an important area of your property.

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT by calling Fresh Sweeps at 1-888-FRESH-SWEEPS. See what a truly professional dryer vent cleaning looks like.

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Anthony was knowledgeable, helpful and honest! Thank you! LS. - Denver, CO - 02/10/2024
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Anthony was so nice and courteous! Referred him to my son Adam Valore! Also on my neighborhood referral board! RD. - Littleton, CO - 12/07/2023
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They did great work and were super communicative, friendly, and thorough. They were also reasonably priced. SN. - Boulder, CO - 11/30/2023
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