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Commercial Chimney Sweeping Quotes: The Power of Efficiency

As with any contract service, finding a balance between quality and cost is not easy. In the case of commercial chimney sweeping, that can be even more challenging. After all, much of what happens inside the structure is well beyond what’s easily visible.

That’s one of the reasons that a commercial chimney sweeping quote can be challenging for many providers, particularly those who are solo cleaners with minimal technology support. Understanding the scope of work required, and being able to accurately price the job, takes more than a hunch or gut feel. And having the confidence and resources to communicate during the job is beyond the competence of many local sweepers.

Fresh Sweeps, following in the tradition established by its founders through their Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, can handle this challenge with ease. Our expert technicians can accurately diagnose issues with your chimneys systems, make effective recommendations, and provide you with accurate commercial chimney sweeping quotes.

Top 5 Reasons for Inaccurate Commercial Chimney Sweeping Quotes…And How Fresh Sweeps Avoids These Problems

Reason #1: Lack of Thorough Inspection Methods or Skills
In cases where the condition of chimney structures is uncertain, developing an accurate quote can become guesswork in the hands of an inexperienced or ill-equipped sweeper.

Fresh Sweeps, on the other hand, employs proven assessment processes to understand what’s required for chimney sweeping and beyond. While some of these mandate paid service calls as well as the use of video technology, this reasonable investment by the property owner can result in far more accurate quotations that will lead to services that will help protect your property.

Reason #2: Failure to Account for Local Building Methods, Structures, and Codes
Chimney systems are not all alike, with many types of structures being unique to a regional location. The same can be true when considering when the chimney was constructed and even by which specific builder. In addition, local building codes may restrict the methods by which a chimney is maintained or repaired. And in all cases, they determine fire safety standards to which Fresh Sweeps field technicians must adhere.

Reason #3: Inability to Use Efficient, Standardized Cleaning Processes
Nowhere is efficiency more important than in a commercial property setting. Being stuck with a slow, ineffective service provider is both very annoying and costly.

With Fresh Sweeps, that’s not a problem. Beginning with an accurate assessment of the number and condition of chimney systems, the Fresh Sweeps team applies a disciplined and thorough approach to building your commercial sweeping quote.

Then, as experts in planning logistics, the local team calculates the optimum size and scheduling of crews along with the equipment they’ll need. The result is both an accurate chimney sweeping quote and an efficient sweeping process that gets results.

Reason #4: Poor Communication with Property Owners and Managers
A lot of popular sayings have grown out of the dangers of making assumptions. Many of them are deserved when the service provider fails to take responsibility for accuracy about expectations held by the property owner or manager.

Fresh Sweeps, as the chimney sweeping expert, assumes neither a lack nor a surplus of chimney knowledge on the part of its clients. By establishing strong communication links before the project and helping our clients understand both their chimney systems and our sweeping process, we keep the entire operation running smoothly.

Reason #5: Absence of a Commitment to Short- and Long-term Success
You’ve made a significant investment into your commercial holdings. In addition to seeking sustainable cash flow and profitability, you must also manage the risk attached to a changing portfolio of occupants. At the same time, the physical structures under your control are weathering and aging each and every year.

Fresh Sweeps recognizes your important responsibility to help protect the health, safety and comfort of residents while reducing exposure to damage, fire, and environmental risk factors. We understand that you need reliable service providers who can help you achieve this goal. Fresh Sweeps is here to serve that goal both in the short-term with powerful, safe sweepings and in the long-term by being an effective, professional, and reliable business asset.

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