Jonathan Barnett

President and CEO, MBA, CFE

“Speed through systems. Ownership through scoring. Trust through transparency. Behind every business are principles that shape it, and these are the ideas that define Fresh Sweeps. Through these ideals, we have built a brand that improves safety for customers and enables entrepreneurs to pursue their financial dreams and goals.”

There’s opportunity everywhere. The opportunity to offer services that help make homes and businesses safer. A chance to build a strong franchising brand that can empower entrepreneurs to pursue their own business future. An opening to disrupt a stagnant market by bringing in years of business experience and know-how.

That’s what Jonathan Barnett sees in the world of chimney sweeping – opportunity for him and for others. This isn’t his first company, of course. Mr. Barnett founded Fresh Sweeps’ sister brand Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in 2006, and the company rapidly grew into a franchising powerhouse. Within 15 years, they had over four hundred locations across the United States and Canada.

During that time, Jonathan and his team developed a suite of powerful business tools that helped their franchisees build stronger locations. From the central Scheduling Center to a custom CRM to automated marketing programs, all of these things helped the company grow and win award after award.

And now, he’s bringing all that skill and experience to Fresh Sweeps.

Principles in Action

Speed Through Systems: Over the years with Oxi Fresh, Jonathan has inspired and directed the development of a plethora of systems and tools. For each of these, the principle of “Speed Through Systems” was key. He didn’t want to create programs that, while they achieved something, would eat up the franchisees’ precious time. They should be focused on growth, not on entering data or things like that.

So, everything that could be automated and streamlined was. From marketing reports to a central Scheduling Center to email marketing, Oxi Fresh built systems that save time and effort. Now, Fresh Sweeps will directly benefit from all of these programs.

Ownership Through Scoring: You can’t measure what you can’t monitor, and if you don’t measure something, you can’t be sure if it’s working. Under Mr. Barnett’s leadership, Oxi Fresh developed numerous automated measurables and monitoring systems that provide the franchisees with invaluable insights into their businesses. By knowing how they’re truly performing, these tools have helped inspire franchisees to more aggressively develop their locations.

Now, Fresh Sweeps locations will also have these key insights into their businesses, from marketing ROI’s to customers satisfaction. These tools will enable these entrepreneurs to always keep a finger on the pulse of their business.

Trust Through Transparency: It can be easy for a brand’s guiding strategies and leadership team to become opaque with time. Franchisees are left wondering who’s doing what and why they’re doing it. With Oxi Fresh and Fresh Sweeps, Mr. Barnett has made a commitment to clear communication throughout the system. By working to be transparent, he and the leadership team are striving to create a system built on trust.

Not All Business

When not at work, Jonathan enjoys playing and watching basketball, going to sporting events and concerts, and spending time with his children, Janessa, Jazelle, Jayden, Justice, and Jonathan, and his wife, Vanessa.

What Customers Are Saying

Took a week to get on the schedule but beyond that very satisfied with getting my chimney cleaned. MM. - Westminster, CO - 10/16/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Great service love all the information! AC. - Loveland, CO - 09/26/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
The technician was very helpful, friendly and did a great job! AC. - Omaha, NE - 02/02/2017
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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