Commercial Indoor Air Quality: Your Tenants Are Counting On You

For those who have never owned or managed a commercial property, the requirements placed on the team behind every lease are nearly beyond imagining. This is true whether it is a single residential unit, dozens of properties, or an extensive commercial office space.

From marketing to administration, there are factors at play that exceed the considerations of even the most elaborate residential property. This is especially true when it comes to building maintenance. There is so much that goes into providing a safe environment for tenants, customers, and the public at large.

And commercial air duct cleaning is one of those services that is essential if you own, manage, or lease a property. Taking care of the indoor air quality of your property is vital.

Air Quality Can’t Be Ignored

In a commercial property, indoor air quality has a definite impact on tenant and visitor perceptions of the building. Naturally, their perception dramatically affects the value they place on the property. If a building seems stuffy, if the air feels dirty and stale, the quantity and quality of renters and customers diminishes.

Given that, here are three questions you should ask about your property:

1) Does the Air Feel Fresh or Is It Stale? Obviously, some of the characteristics of commercial indoor air quality are produced by the tenants themselves. These include odors and particles they produce either by living or working in the space.

Still, if the air itself feels like it is stale or stuffy, that can indicate that dust and particles are being pushed through the air duct system. If that’s happening in your buildings, you need a commercial air duct cleaning.

2) Are Occupants Frequently Wheezing or Sneezing? One way to know if there’s a commercial indoor air quality problem that can be helped by air duct cleaning is this: if visitors enter and begin to experience breathing problems, congestion or sneezing, something is wrong.

Sometimes this is because seasonal allergens are being widely circulated, including those temporarily trapped somewhere in the air duct system. In other cases, dust and other particles are getting through the HVAC system and put into motion when heating or cooling are triggered.

3) Is Dust Building Up All the Time or Periodically? No commercial property can escape some level of dust and particulates. But if surfaces seem inordinately dusty or even grimy, unclean air may be the cause. Older or infrequently cleaned air duct systems may be a significant contributor.

In fact, some HVAC systems have been ignored since the space was built, and so contain particles dating back to the construction project. Without a professional air duct cleaning, they will continue to pose a threat to commercial indoor air quality.

Fresh Sweeps Puts the ‘Fresh’ Back in Your Property!

Satisfied tenants are, without a doubt, a good thing for business. They keep the terms of their lease, renew if possible, and are a great source of future referrals. If they believe that their commercial property company is looking out for their safety, health, and satisfaction, the probability of success goes up.

By the same token, if they perceive that the building is ‘sick,’ the consequences can be dramatic. Rather than providing reasons for unhappiness, a Fresh Sweeps air duct cleaning builds the case for tenant satisfaction. Simply knowing that this service is provided regularly gives clients comfort and confidence – and fewer excuses for rent hold-backs or negative publicity.

Call today to improve your property’s indoor air quality with a Fresh Sweeps air duct cleaning service.

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