Commercial Indoor Air Quality: They’re Relying on You

Every residential and commercial building or dwelling creates its own indoor air environment. Sometimes, the residents, guests or occupants find it comforting to move from outside to inside – the air seems cleaner, cooler, and refreshing. In others cases, the inside air is stale and can even make breathing more difficult.

One of the main factors in indoor air quality is the heating appliance or fireplace being used. This is true whether they are used as the primary or secondary heat source or are just used to create a comforting environment on cold days. Any of these cases means that the wood, wood pellet, or liquid-fueled heat source is being operated inside the living or working space.

Fresh Sweeps believes that through proper commercial chimney sweeping and care, indoor air quality is something the property owner or manager can positively affect. This is true whether the heat source is fueled automatically or combustible materials are placed manually into the firebox by the resident or occupant.

Fresh Sweeps Knows What Matters

As a Certified Chimney Professional, each Fresh Sweeps technician visits a commercial property with a singular focus; the safety, security, comfort, and health of those who occupy or visit the building. This concern naturally leads to a focus on the safety of the physical surroundings and the property owner’s significant investment in them.

One way this focus on safety manifests is in concern over poor air quality from an improperly cared for chimney system. Those who are elderly or have existing respiratory impairments find more challenges when smoke and soot are pushed back into the room due to poor chimney maintenance. Fresh Sweeps believes this is unacceptable and will do its best to leave the chimneys clean and safe.

Air Quality and Safety Go Together with Chimney Sweeping

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that dangerous carbon monoxide accumulation only happens when cars are running in enclosed spaces. This is far from the truth, as heating appliances and fireplace produce this gas as by-product of imperfect combustion of solid and liquid fuels. What’s more, another toxic gas, nitrogen dioxide, is part of what’s produced in the process.

Either of these gases is a contributor to poor indoor air quality that can even lead to sickness or death. As they are hard to detect by people in the room, these gases can continue to accumulate when fuel isn’t being burned well, fumes aren’t being drawn up the chimney, or there are gaps and cracks in the brick façade.

Fresh Sweeps takes these threats seriously. Inspection and a comprehensive chimney sweeping are central to improving the safety and livability of any space. You can rely on us for your commercial chimney sweeping needs.

Put Cleaner, Safer Air on Your Side There’s no reason for complaints of soot in the rental space or of poor or stuffy air whenever the fireplace or other heating appliance is being used. All you need is an appointment with our commercial chimney sweepers to help bring your property back up to high levels of safety with improved indoor air quality.

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At our condo area we keep a list of people who do services like repair work, painting, carpentry, electrical, etc. Your company will be added to our list via my request! PO. - Bismarck, ND - 02/20/2024
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Bought a condo that needed some work and you guys helped my get my stuff up and running right away. thank you MB. - Denver, CO - 10/16/2023
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So thankful for Jordan and getting him out on such short notice. Chimney is safe to burn now. JE. - Fort Rice, ND - 10/16/2023
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