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Commercial Chimney Sweeping
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Commercial Chimney Repairs (Leaks): Investing in the Essentials

Owning and managing commercial property is a complex affair. The list of repair and maintenance items that you’re left to prioritize seems to grow longer and more complex by the day. Yet some systems are the most important when it comes to providing comfort, safety, and security to tenants.

Wood- and pellet-burning fireplaces, stoves, and chimneys are among those systems. The nature of these heat sources means that they are more dependent upon proper operating conditions to get results while also remaining safe to people and properties in the process.

The same is true of gas- and oil-fired heating appliances. Simply because they are either gas or liquid in nature doesn’t guarantee efficient heat productions. That’s because, in part, they rely upon chimney systems that are prone to corrosion and deterioration simply because of the effects of time, weather, and use.

In addition, chimneys and fireplaces are subject to the effect of moisture and animal intrusion. The negative effects from all of these factors can be serious enough by themselves, and that’s assuming that residents or guests do nothing to harm the condition or operation of the system.

As the Fresh Sweeps certified technicians continue to discover, such an assumption can be dangerous. Schedule an commercial chimney inspection today to see if your property’s chimney system is operating safely and effectively.

Commercial Chimney Repair Warning Signs

  • SMOKE, SMOKE STAINS, OR THE SUSPICION OF CARBON MONOXIDE mean something is wrong. Sometimes, breaks or blockages in the flue can account for these factors. That’s because air may not be moving properly into – and out of – the combustion chamber.
  • POOR HEAT OUTPUT AND A DRAFTY ROOM tells you one or more parts of the system are not performing properly. Leakage at any point in the chimney system or even façade (the facing of the fireplace in the room) can indicate the presence of leaks. Whether they are visible or need to be located by inspection, such cracks or gaps are serious.
  • LEAKAGE AND SIGNS OF ANIMAL INTRUSION can very well mean the chimney cap of a fireplace is damaged or missing. This important fixture helps protect the chimney from rain, snow, and animals entering to nest – all of which can cause significant damage and pose health and safety risk if left untreated.

Problems like these have a way of growing, threatening the health and security of the property, residents, guests, and pets. Here is where a local, certified Fresh Sweeps technician can help with commercial chimney repairs.

A Level 1 or Level 2 Chimney Inspection is a good starting point. Visual inspection of the entire system will help pinpoint problem areas inside and outside the chimney itself. By bringing technical skills along with the right equipment to your commercial property, Fresh Sweeps is ready to assist you.

Property Manager Caution:
Chimney repair goes beyond the cosmetic appearance of the chimney to serious health and safety concerns. Don’t wait to schedule an inspection – call us today!

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