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The Company Fresh Sweeps Keeps: Associations Raise the Bar

Children are encouraged to “make good friends” with those who possess solid character and demonstrate respectful behavior. As adults, that focus on finding quality folks sharpens, but it doesn’t stop at friends. We search for communities and businesses who also demonstrate consistency, respect, and commitment. Seeking out trustworthy contractors and home service suppliers is no different.

Fresh Sweeps, as with its sister company Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, is just such a service provider. We are dedicated to quality and to being leaders in our industry, a commitment that has been reinforced by working with respected agencies and associations.

Some individuals and companies offering chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning dryer vent cleaning do so without working with organizations that set higher standards. In some cases, these service providers may do good work, but for Fresh Sweeps, good is simply a baseline from which to build. By working with these institutions, we push ourselves to provide the best possible services available.

Respected Industry Groups: Accountability Is Simply the Start

At Fresh Sweeps, we believe credentialing is key to turning our mission into accountable action that supports the health, comfort, and safety of homeowners and renters across the United States. That is why each and every technician who touches a chimney at Fresh Sweeps must become both a Certified Chimney Professional™ and a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep®.

Furthermore, every field technician conducting HVAC cleaning is trained and accredited as an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Not transferable to another individual, this designation requires the demonstration both of knowledge and practical skills. This training is continuously upgraded as new technology and techniques emerge that deliver improvements worth implementing.

GO WITH A PROVIDER THAT’S ALIGNED WITH THE BEST to increase the health, comfort, and safety of any residential or commercial building.

What Customers Are Saying

I appreciate the ease in appointment scheduling and the efficient service. I especially liked Anthony’s willingness to answer questions completely and his suggestions on what I can do to operate my fireplace safely. His inspection guarantee is good for one year, which is a big customer bonus. LT. - Littleton, CO - 02/01/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Had to call a couple of times but the technician was awesome. Thank you so much! CW. - Denver, CO - 10/16/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Need a chimney sweep before I moved in and they were able to come out next day. thank you so much WM. - Arvada, CO - 10/03/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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Fresh Sweeps can improve the comfort, safety, and security of all rooms in your home or business. We’ll transform your worries about the cleanliness and safety of your chimney, air duct, and dryer vent systems into peace of mind. Make a clean sweep of these important systems – call our friendly Scheduling Center today!

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Before & After Chimney Services

Animal Removal



Fresh Sweeps trained technicians can handle animal removal in chimneys and ventilation systems. No matter if it's a raccoon, bird, or other animal in the chimney, we can remove it humanely and safely.