Building Safety: Unseen Threats Are Real

Often, discussions about commercial air duct cleaning focus on the aesthetic benefits of cleaning the HVAC ductwork system. Those include the visual appeal of having surfaces that are relatively free of dust, dirt, and pollen. In the case of residential rental units, the obvious presence of pet hair and dander is seen as a crucial – and negative – factor upon which to evaluate air duct cleaning.

Visual signs of unclean air are, without a doubt, disturbing. But perhaps more unsettling are the allergens trapped within an air duct system as well as those that are already freely circulating in a commercial property. Many of these were delivered through the HVAC’s movement of heated or chilled air into one or more rooms.

Property Safety: Liability in the Wind

Without commercial air duct cleaning documentation by a trusted, certified service contractor, the suspicion of negligence or wrong-doing can become extremely burdensome. In addition, the absence of timely, regularly-scheduled air duct cleaning can suggest to some that there’s a lack of attention to the health and safety of those renting and using commercial property.

Regardless of the merit of such assumptions or claims, Fresh Sweeps’ commercial air duct cleaning service puts ASCS credentials into the equation to support documentation around maintenance due diligence.

Five Fresh Sweeps Beliefs

Every company, from a one-person, jack-of-all-trades to a specialty air duct cleaning provider, has a philosophy of business. It is more than what’s referred to a “vision” as it is rooted in their beliefs about themselves, their customers, and the world in which we live.

Local Fresh Sweeps teams and technicians serve their individual communities with care and pride. Across the United States, they share five beliefs that unite them in a common pursuit of safety, health, and comfort of their customers.

#1 Properties Need to Be Safe This goes beyond building or unit security. It means that the air circulated inside should be cleaner than what’s moving around outside.

#2 Obvious Is the Start Once again, Fresh Sweeps listens carefully to property owners and managers about any problems or concerns attached to specific units and buildings. This is the start of an independent evaluation designed to give a realistic overview of the HVAC system and what can be accomplished.

#3 Better Is the Goal Even good quality air in a structure can be made better. We will strive to provide an exceptional cleaning that dramatically reduces particulates and improves indoor air quality.

#4 Regular Is Right A one-off air duct cleaning may produce the desired results for a period of time. But inside air environments are not stable nor do outside particles remain on the exterior. Fresh Sweeps teams are ready to help establish regular maintenance programs for your property.

#5 Health Is Everyone’s Business While air duct cleaning may not be as top-of-mind as something like fire detection and suppression, it is part of keeping property occupants and visitors healthy. This is more than a matter of good business that leads to tenant satisfaction and referrals – it is part of how we care for others.

Improved Safety Starts Here and Now

Call Fresh Sweeps today at 1-888-FRESH-SWEEPS to schedule your commercial air duct cleaning.

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