Indoor Air Quality: Chimney Sweeping it Means Keeping It

The inside of a home should be a place of comfort. Even if you’ve had a hectic day or been subject to poor air quality while in traffic or at work, coming home means things are getting better.

What’s more, for the millions of Americans who spend their days mostly at home, the indoor environment is even more critical. Whether its children, stay-at-home parents, or telecommuters, it’s important that their indoor air quality is high.

That’s why you should schedule a chimney inspection and sweeping with Fresh Sweeps every six months. We can make sure your home’s chimney system is working well and not hurting your home’s indoor air quality.

Home Air Quality Is Under Attack

With so many and so much depending upon home air quality, fireplaces and heating appliances need to be kept operating at peak efficiency. That’s because, when they are not burning fuel thoroughly or exhausting fumes effectively, indoor air quality suffers.

Ash and soot from a fireplace, wood stove, or other heating appliance are major irritants to those with compromised respiratory systems. Their effects are compounded among the very young and the aging.

What’s more, indoor air quality can cross the line from bothersome to lethal.
The in-home release of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide from faulty, poorly cared for fireplaces can not only make people and pets sick, they can actually be lethal.

Fireplaces, wood stoves, and other heating appliances can be ready sources of these toxic gases. If both the combustion of these systems is not efficient and the venting of them through the chimney system is not thorough, these threat levels rise dramatically.

Fresh Sweeps Makes Breathing Better and Sleeping Easier

Chimney sweeping is among the most affordable, effective ways to keep a home safer, cleaner, and healthier. With Fresh Sweeps, inspection of the visible and less-visible parts of a heating system is built into every house call’s service options. If a thorough, professional review of the system hasn’t been conducted or it has been several years, there’s no need to worry. Fresh Sweeps has you covered!

With our teams out there, there’s no reason why a homeowner or residential property manager needs to wonder about indoor air quality. With hard-working technicians familiar with local construction methods and seasonal heating patterns, Fresh Sweeps takes every chimney sweeping personally.

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