Chimney Sweeping: What You Can Expect

If you’ve talked to other homeowners or property managers, you’ve probably heard about the big differences in quality between chimney sweeping companies. These differences show up when the cleaner first appears on the doorstep and continue to be obvious well after they’ve left the home.

Thankfully, with Fresh Sweeps, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a world-class experience. We’re out here to make every home safer, more comfortable, and more secure from the unwanted complications of using a fireplace, wood stove, or other heating appliance.

Expectations Start Early

Before you even consider a chimney sweeping service provider, there are four things you should always consider. Some of these involve the sweeping itself, but many others are connected to how the provider does business:

#1: Is chimney sweeping their primary business or just an obvious add-on?

With Fresh Sweeps local teams at the ready, there is no reason to give any consideration to a “jack-of-all-trades” company. That’s because chimney care is too important to a home’s safety, comfort, and security to rely upon a sweeper with incomplete training, inferior tools, and a process that’s built on their convenience, not your satisfaction.

#2: Can they tell you how they clean and what they’re trying to accomplish with their efforts?

Entering a chimney system, either from above or below, is a serious action. Simply spinning brushes, wielding brooms, or applying a vacuum is not enough to fully release – and capture – the harmful deposits of soot, creosote, and other materials. In fact, ill-planned activity can serve to release harmful chemicals into the flue, firebox, or even the room itself. 

Before booking a chimney sweeping appointment, make sure your cleaner knows the “how” as well as “why” of their process. With Fresh Sweeps, that’s never a problem – our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to ensure that they can properly treat your chimney system. If you ask them to explain their process, they’ll be more than happy to break it down, step-by-step.

#3: What steps do they take to protect the home and its occupants during the chimney sweeping?

An effective sweeping releases significant amounts of material that’s been clinging to the inside of the chimney system. How this dirty and potentially dangerous dust, grime, and grit get captured is not something left to luck or circumstances. Make sure your sweep is properly protecting your home.

This is where Fresh Sweeps shines. We use proper techniques and protective materials to guard your home from contaminants as we clean. There’s no need to worry about soot when we’re sweeping!

#4: Will I know more about my chimney after a sweeping or will I be kept in the dark?

Chimney sweeping, even when the physical structure is old or poorly maintained, needs to be about knowing – not guessing. You don’t want a sweeper who comes in, says nothing, and then gives you a bill. How can you know if they’ve done the job properly?

Fresh Sweeps chimney system inspections are a part of our service packages. The result is homeowners who know 1) what was done today, 2) what problems need to be fixed, either now or later, and 3) what costs and benefits are attached to each service call and procedure.

Fresh Sweeps Means Accuracy, Cleanliness, and Trust

You can trust Fresh Sweeps in all four of these matters. We’ll carefully inspect and thoroughly sweep, we’ll protect your home during the appointment, and we’ll keep you informed at all times. When we leave, you’ll have all the information you need about your chimney system’s health and safety. We’ll also tell you what’s needed in terms of additional maintenance, repairs, and when you should get your next inspection and sweeping. 

To schedule your chimney inspection and sweeping, use our Online Scheduler or call us at 1-888-FRESH-SWEEPS.

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