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Commercial Chimney Sweeping
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Commercial Chimney Sweeping: Protecting People and Property

Tenants, renters, and guests are important to your business. Even more than that, they are people with lives that matter. The health, safety, and security of the properties they are using is much of what they rely upon you to provide. Much of what you do is invisible to them, but vital to them all the same.

In addition, the investment your company has made in owning and managing properties is significant. There’s no reason to put you and your organization at risk in any area of property management or maintenance by relying on questionable commercial chimney sweepers.

Fresh Sweeps understands the need for professionalism in this business, and that’s what we bring with our comprehensive approach to chimney sweeping. Whether we are sweeping a one rental unit or an entire, multi-building project, you can rely on us to give you the best results possible. The peace of mind that comes from such a high level of service is something that money can’t buy.

So, whether it is a gas- or oil-fired heaters, a pellet stove, or a wood- or gas-burning fireplace, you can count on Fresh Sweeps for results and professionalism.

Top 5 Reasons for Scheduling a Fresh Sweeps Commercial Chimney Sweeping

#1. “We want to make certain the building is comfortable and safe.”

#2. “In one or more units, there’s something not right about how the fireplace is burning.”

#3. “Even though we keep good records, I’m having trouble documenting our last chimney inspection and sweeping.”

#4. “We’re trying to keep our energy costs manageable during all seasons of the year.”

#5. “In case we end up selling the building, we want to make certain we’ve had all chimneys properly inspected and swept.”

Fireplaces and Chimneys: An Important Feature That Deserves Professional Care

Wood fireplaces are an amenity that’s desired by many short- and long-term tenants. The sense of warmth created by a fireplace is hard to equal. That said, you have no control over what kind of wood fuel is being burned or if the tenant is using the fireplace and chimney properly.

If the heating appliance is burning pellets instead, or is fired by oil or gas, the chimney still remains vital to safe and efficient operation. Even if the tenant manually or thermostatically controls the use of the heater, the efficiency of burning can affect the build-up of flammable compounds in the chimney system.

The chimney must be able to move air to the outside of the home after leaving the combustion chamber. If not, the heating efficiency of the appliance is compromised because the flame jets or fire will be unable to ignite or burn correctly. Carbon monoxide may be an unwelcome, dangerous result of poor burning and venting.

Another poisonous gas, nitrogen dioxide, may be present at well. All of this in addition to creosote and other flammable by-products of fireplace or heater use. These compounds become deposited in the chimney system where a flame, or even a single spark, can ignite them. The potential for fire danger rises dramatically to endanger residents, guests, personal property, and pets.

Of course, a rapidly spreading fire jeopardizes other units in the same and surrounding buildings. This is a serious matter that’s distinct from the financial value of the property itself or the liability attached to a fire that starts in a single chimney.

Let Fresh Sweeps help you keep your chimneys and fireplaces in excellent condition. Let your tenants enjoy the warmth and beauty of these fixtures without you having to worry.

Call Fresh Sweeps today for more information about our commercial chimney sweeping services.

Critical Service Alert:
Many property owners and managers have simply forgotten to have their chimneys cleaned regularly, creating health and fire risks. If you’re not 100% confident of your system’s safety – all the way to and through the roof – CALL NOW.

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