Chimney Sweeping: What You Can Expect

As commercial chimney sweepers, we understand that owning or managing commercial property takes special skills. You have to carefully handle the demands of renters and leaseholders, manage your teams, and of course care for the actual property itself.

And when it comes to properties that are heated, all or in part, by a fireplace, wood stove, or fueled heating appliance, those require even greater attention. These heating systems both are attractive to tenants but also need more maintenance if they are to safely operate.

Thankfully, Fresh Sweeps is standing by with our professional chimney sweeping teams. We can inspect, sweep, and repair your chimney systems so you stay ahead of potential problems.

Fresh Sweeps Starts with Convenience

In cases where a chimney sweeping call is to a home, other sweepers can make coordinating the service unnecessarily complex. When you ask them to then inspect and sweep the chimney systems of multiple units at once, it can get even more difficult.

Thankfully, that’s not a problem with Fresh Sweeps. We lead the industry in precise scheduling that puts your and your tenants needs first. Our appointments are booked for specific times – not window appointments – and we can sweep properties when you need it. If evenings or weekends work best for you, that’s when Fresh Sweeps will be there.

How Fresh Sweeps Will Serve You and Your Property

When you schedule a Fresh Sweeps commercial chimney sweeping professional to come out to your property, you can count on them to focus on customer service, cleanliness, and – of course – results. Sweeping may be a dirty job, but our technicians will do everything in their power to make it a great experience for you.

Upon arrival, your technician will perform a chimney inspection to determine the state of the chimney system in terms of both cleanliness and functionality. This inspection will get the technician important information about the overall health and safety of the system, information that they’ll pass on to you.

Inspection, whether visual or aided by a video camera, determines how solid the chimney system is at present. This allows us to get important information about each unit and perhaps the tenant’s use of the heating source.

Once this assessment has taken place, decisions can be made about whether additional work and repairs will be needed after the chimney sweeping has been completed. In addition, the certified Fresh Sweeps field technician can avoid problem locations if the chimney sweeping will further damage already-compromised parts such as dampers and chimney vents.

This thorough pre-sweeping inspection process is part of what separates Fresh Sweeps from other brands. Our analysis makes the cleaning more effective and efficient – and that’s one important way to manage costs.

Expect Results from Every Chimney Sweeping Call

If there are multiple units with chimney systems, regardless of their fuel source, there are bound to be differences. Even in the same location and local weather climate, tenants have divergent views of how a fireplace, wood stove or heating appliance should be used. That includes, in the case of a fireplace, what constitutes acceptable “fuel” to be burned for warmth and atmosphere.

Often, unless there’s significant smoke, soot or suspected fumes being pushed back into the unit, there’s little awareness of how well – or fuel-efficiently – a fireplace is functioning. Unless there’s been noticeable problems or an animal living inside the chimney, the occupant pays little attention to such matters.

Fresh Sweeps comes into each call with an open mind about what the technician will find. Fresh Sweeps not only sweeps the chimney but clears the air about what’s happening in each unit.

By keeping you informed, the local Fresh Sweeps team works with you to get ahead of potential problems. To anticipate instead of react. We even offer Maintenance Programs that put your chimney system on a custom-built service plan. It’s a perfect way to take the worry out of caring for your property’s chimney systems.

Call now and schedule a commercial chimney sweeping that will best serve you, the renters, and the owners. We look forward to serving you soon.

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