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Commercial Animal Removal: Keeping Nature Where It Belongs

The chimney and flue system on single and multiple-unit buildings are an important feature of many properties. Unfortunately, chimneys can also serve as a beacon for wild animals. To them, a chimney is a place of refuge along with the start of damage, disease and fire risk they create for the dwelling, the residents and even family pets. As they are warm, confined, and protected spaces, these long and relatively undisturbed chimneys can become magnets for wildlife.

Animals commonly seek refuge in chimney systems as they favor the safety and protection from the elements these brick and metal-lined flues offer. This metal component or assembly, called the chimney cap, is both an access point as well as a dwelling place.

Protecting your tenants is the first priority of the local Fresh Sweeps team. This, at the same time the property itself is guarded against damage caused by wildlife that’s either taken up residence or become trapped in the chimney system.

By protecting both people and property, the risk to the management company is significantly reduced. At the same time, the reputation of the property, its managers and owners is improved because social media is a powerful force. Should wildlife cause unresolved problems, the news will likely spread quickly.

Protection is only possible when guarding against wildlife’s consequences, including raccoon removal from a chimney, is part of a total approach to the property. That’s why the certified Fresh Sweeps team is equipped to conduct chimney inspection, chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dry vent cleaning as well.

Regular maintenance of these systems is a solid foundation from which to handle wildlife challenges. That includes removal of raccoons, squirrels, birds and bats along with measures to prevent their return. As each Fresh Sweeps location is owned and operated independently, the wildlife threats specific to your area are their business.

The Commitment Fresh Sweeps Makes To You:

To humanely remove wildlife from your property in accordance with federal and state statutes at the same time the health and safety of occupants is protected.

Nature Goes Inside: Important Wildlife Problems

Raccoons: Cute but vicious vectors for human and pet diseases Many of the raccoons that inhabit chimneys are females in search of a nesting location. Even safer and more reliable than the hollow trunk of a tree, the chimney flue is the right size and shape for these persistent mammals. Once her young are born, the female is prepared to fight aggressively against people and pets that threaten them.

Males and non-pregnant females can select your chimney simply as a place to roost or even go to die. The smell of a decaying raccoon is troubling to say the least. And their ability to transmit rabies is well documented. When added to the roundworm and leptospirosis disease threats from urine and feces, the beguiling raccoon is dangerous.

Other, non-pregnant raccoons can occupy the chimney as well. Sick or dying animals seeking shelter are common chimney dwellers. Young raccoons that remain after the death of their mother most frequently die inside the chimney column. Even if the animal is healthy, the risks to the home’s occupants are very real.

Squirrels: Rodent damage plus ticks, fleas and other threats Squirrels are capable of gnawing into drywall, electrical wires and foam, blown-in or roll insulation in the same way as rats and mice. Nests are built in the comforting confines of a chimney, flue or chimney cap to harbor litters that average 5 or 6 young for many weeks.

Flammable materials are pulled into the chimney system, the noise level increases and the urine and droppings land below that may transmit salmonella. That’s in addition to the transfer of fleas and ticks to humans and pets alike. If the female is killed, the young commonly perish inside the chimney to produce both a stench and disease-prone carcasses.

Birds: The chimney is not their best home As big cities grew in the East, the chimney swift found a convenient home. Now ranging west to the Rockies, this protected bird builds nest with glue and saliva inside the chimney chamber. As a result, a nearly constant riot of sound accompanies the hatching of three to four young.

Disease and parasites accompany these aggressive tenants, as does the risk of fire from their highly flammable nesting materials.

Bats: The challenge multiplies Bats are beneficial as they feed on the insect population. When they gather in small and large numbers inside a chimney, the problem becomes one that can’t be ignored. A full 75% of common U.S. bat species are documented rabies carriers.

Research shows that a first year colony numbers up to 40 bats, creatures who move, squeak and defecate at high levels. Their feces, bat guano as it’s known, adds another level of danger. When particles are airborne, the disease they provoke can mimic the symptoms of influenza or even tuberculosis.

No matter that it is illegal to kill bats. They must be removed, even as their guano builds up and, along with their acidic urine, chemically attacks the brink and mortar inside the chimney. Not good by any measure and the reason Fresh Sweeps is on call to remove them.

Keep Wildlife Where It Belongs, Don’t Delay

The threat of wildlife in your property’s chimney system is real, and they can cause problems from day one when they move in.

Get help now from Fresh Sweeps’ commercial animal removal services – and NEVER TRY SMOKING OUT ANIMALS. Not only is a burning nest or creature a heartbreaking sight, it’s a potential fire-starting disaster. Burning materials in the chimney system can easily cause damage and even a house fire. Trust the professionals to take care of your commercial property. Give us a call at 1-888-FRESH-SWEEPS to learn more.

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