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Commercial Chimney Sweeping
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Residential Chimney Sweep: A Fresh Start on Comfort and Safety

As chimney sweeping experts, we knows that the home is a special place where the people you value come together. So, when your friends or family gather, you shouldn’t have to worry about the health and safety of that home. But creosote buildup, blocked flues, and other problems can turn a chimney into a danger.

Fresh Sweeps understands your need for peace of mind when it comes to the fireplace.

After all, fireplaces, whether they use gas or wood, are one of the biggest joys of a home. Not only do they look lovely and provide an easy-to-control source of heat, they also add value to your home. These heat providers can be a real touchstone, but they must be regularly maintained for everyone’s safety.

Top 5 Reasons for Scheduling a Residential Chimney Sweep

  1. “I want to make certain my home is comfortable and safe.”
  2. “There’s something not right about how the fireplace is burning.”
  3. “I can’t remember the last time we had it swept.”
  4. “We want to use it more, but only if we’re confident it’s safe.”
  5. “Before we sell the house, we need a professional chimney sweeping.”

We know just how nice a traditional wood-fired fireplace can be. Whether you use the fireplace regularly or just for special occasions, the sound of crackling logs is one that makes beautiful memories.

Of course, there are plenty of other heat providers out there, including pellet, oil, and gas-fired stoves. In every case, these all rely upon a chimney to vent the smoke and other by-products of the burning fuel source. The ability of the chimney to quickly, efficiently, and safely move these exhausts is important.

If the chimney is unable to move air from the combustion chamber to the outside of the home, the potential for problems is very high. Not only will the fire or flame jets not ignite or burn properly, but there’s a real danger of toxic fumes entering the home, a build-up of dangerous creosote, and even the increased risk of a chimney fire.

There are other risks to your home’s health and safety. Dryer vent lines can become clogged with lint, decreasing the dryer’s effectiveness and increasing the risk of fires. Air duct systems can become laden with dust, allergens, and more – and none of us want that.

Fresh Sweeps Chimney Sweep, Air Duct Cleaning, and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Thankfully, Fresh Sweeps has your back on all counts. We offer professional chimney inspections, chimney sweeping, chimney repair services, and even animal removal. Our certified technicians can help ensure that your fireplace burns brightly and safely the year round.

Our professional team members can also clear out clogged dryer vents and clean dust-troubled air duct systems, getting everything clear and fresh again.

So don’t wait – put your home and your family’s safety first. Call Fresh Sweeps!

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Vital Service Alert

Many homeowners have simply forgotten to have their chimney inspected and swept regularly, creating health and fire risks. If you’re not 100% confident of your system’s safety, click here to begin scheduling a full inspection.

What Customers Are Saying

I appreciate getting a call back from the owner after I expressed my concerns to the person who originally answered my call. He was very helpful in identifying what the problem may be before they even came out to see us. Additionally, I appreciate the technician letting us know promptly that he was running late. AV. - Louisville, CO - 04/13/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Jordan swept my chimney and also added a chimney cap so no water would get in. Great local guy and business! af. - Bismarck, ND - 10/24/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
My home is 60 years old and we were scared to use the chimney but so glad we called and are able to have a cozy fire and not worry about the house burning down! BT. - Englewood, CO - 10/16/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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Fresh Sweeps can improve the comfort, safety, and security of all rooms in your home or business. We’ll transform your worries about the cleanliness and safety of your chimney, air duct, and dryer vent systems into peace of mind. Make a clean sweep of these important systems – call our friendly Scheduling Center today!

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Animal Removal



Fresh Sweeps trained technicians can handle animal removal in chimneys and ventilation systems. No matter if it's a raccoon, bird, or other animal in the chimney, we can remove it humanely and safely.