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A Journey of Service: The Fresh Sweeps Story

Starting a business is a challenging, complex process. Particularly when there’s a desire to serve customers across the nation to equally high standards. And employ a growing network of field technicians who can discover new opportunities to learn from their peers in other communities. Creating a viable business that allows the company to continue to invest in improvements adds another level of difficulty for the start-up operation.

Both by coincidence and strong intentions, Fresh Sweeps came together in the greater Denver area. Many of the executive team members had continued to become more effective together after founding Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning a decade ago. Not without its own growing pains, the Company’s investment in centralized scheduling and disbursed field teams was a clear demonstration of the wisdom of their approach.

A Timeline of Excellence: Milestones in Accomplishing the Fresh Sweeps Mission

THE REASONS REMAIN: Five compelling reasons for Fresh Sweeps to form

1) Indoor Air Quality Is a significant place to improve quality of life. Even doing educational outreach would be beneficial as a starting point to build the trust of property owners and managers. From there, equipping field technicians to clean, maintain and prevent future problems was a mission worth the effort.

2) Technical Requirements Are Daunting. Between myriad local building codes and construction methods to advanced cleaning techniques, professional chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning is neither simple nor easy. After raising the bar for environmentally sound carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh, the team wanted to tackle another challenge that fit their can-do view of life.

3) Local Competitors Provided inconsistent levels of service including understandable pricing. Ditto for national brands offering one or more types of cleaning. Fresh Sweeps saw a need for reliable, repeatable on-site service whether for a small residential dwelling or massive commercial projects. In every case, the ability to bring superior methods and materials to customers proved to be an energizing motivator to form the business.

4) Safety Consequences Of ignored or poorly maintained heating appliances and chimney systems argued for a better way. Not only to address obvious smoke, soot and fume problems, but to take on toxic fumes and fire hazards at the same time. Rather than trying to instill a false sense of security or overstate the danger, Fresh Sweeps wanted to empower people to reduce their risks as they improved the comfort of their favorite places.

5) Scheduling Leadership Became a major driving force. Unlike competitors, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning pioneered scheduling specific appointment times with customers rather than wide-open and unreliable “windows” during a day. The overwhelming, positive feedback from this respectful appointment scheduling system led the founders to a conclusion: There’s room for a chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning company with the same approach to locking in times that work for both parties. And pricing that means no surprises.

With every week and month of serving customers throughout the country, the founders of Fresh Sweeps become even more convinced that their approach to serving others is the right thing to do. Even as they push for improvements with every chimney, air duct or dryer vent touched by a network of committed field technicians.


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