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Convenience and Quality: Pursued with Passion

When it comes to property maintenance and repairs, every home owner or property manager has lots of choices. They range from doing projects on their own (perhaps getting a friend involved to help) all the way to delegating everything. Some activities, including chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, are well past normally DIY activities.

Knowing what must be done is an important first step. But that takes someone with knowledge about the fireplace, heating appliance, chimney system, HVAC system and clothes dryer to make a sound assessment. This is where the Fresh Sweeps team steps in, even before any work is done on the home, condominium, vacation property, apartment or commercial building.

It would be great to assume every contractor has a clear, educated view of these important systems. Or is committed to the health, safety and security of residents. Such is not the case so how an individual or company handles even the first telephone call or visit can be an indicator of what’s ahead.

Start Your Evaluation With the First Contact Fresh Sweeps puts several contact methods at the ready. These include a national telephone call center as well as an online scheduling tool. Instead of making it difficult to get questions answered, Fresh Sweeps takes responsibility for being clear about services and pricing policies.

This “at the ready” approach comes to life when it’s time to schedule an inspection or service call. Rather than working with broad two, four or eight hour “windows,” a specific visit time is locked in. The local Fresh Sweeps team keeps their appointment calendar reserved instead of double-booking or over-scheduling their day. This kind of convenience and courtesy is simply the Fresh Sweeps way. All built around the idea of “what we’d want chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning to be like for our property.”

Call it taking it personally. Or setting higher standards. Or a desire to be different from the many contractors who are less capable and committed. In any case, Fresh Sweeps doesn’t assume the owner or manager is an expert about every part of the property. That’s why adequate time is scheduled to meet on-site to assess, recommend and start addressing health and safety concerns on the first visit.

Convenience Doesn’t Compromise Quality By scheduling appointments to fit the busy lives of property owners and managers, Fresh Sweeps is establishing a relationship of trust and confidence. Showing up on time and prepared with proper personnel and equipment is the next step. Armed with local knowledge about chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, specific concerns can be addressed right on the spot.

Are there locations within the home that have shown problems such as dust or soot build-up, drafts while the fireplace or heating appliance is in operation or the smell of burning lint? Have occupants or guests found the air to be stale or filled with fumes? Is there evidence of wildlife inhabiting the chimney?

Delivering quality is more than completing a checklist of essential steps attached to each service. It is understanding what is creating anxiety or even health risks for residents. Along with spotting the warning signs that safety is being compromised even to the point of imminent fire danger.

Certifications Are Only the Start

A 30-Day Callback Guarantee of customer satisfaction backs each Fresh Sweeps service. This is offered in confidence because technicians are trained to deliver chimney sweepings, air duct cleanings and dryer vent cleanings to high standards. For convenient, quality service, simply call or click now to schedule a time-specific appointment.

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Anthony is polite and prompt! Very professional and priced right. LV. - Wheat Ridge, CO - 02/22/2024
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Anthony cleaned my airducts. Nice guy. ED. - Wheat Ridge, CO - 10/16/2023
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Had to call a couple of times but the technician was awesome. Thank you so much! CW. - Denver, CO - 10/16/2023
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Rest Easy – 30-Day Callback Guarantee

Fresh Sweeps can improve the comfort, safety, and security of all rooms in your home or business. We’ll transform your worries about the cleanliness and safety of your chimney, air duct, and dryer vent systems into peace of mind. Make a clean sweep of these important systems – call our friendly Scheduling Center today!

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Fresh Sweeps trained technicians can handle animal removal in chimneys and ventilation systems. No matter if it's a raccoon, bird, or other animal in the chimney, we can remove it humanely and safely.