Dryer Vent Cleaning: What You Can Expect

Nearly every home has a clothes dryer. These incredible appliances make laundry convenient and easy. But as our dryer vent cleaning experts know, dryers are one of the hardest working parts of the home – and so are their venting systems.

The average dryer is run an average of 250 cycles a year and are built around a high-temperature heating element, what makes the dryer “dry” effectively. Because of frequent cycles, hot operating conditions, and the need to move a lot of air out of the dryer, the care for these appliances and their venting systems are not to be taken lightly.

That’s why Fresh Sweeps is here. Our cleaners can keep the vents and hose of your dryer clear of lint and other debris. Not only will this help maintain the efficient use of dryer energy and extend the life of the dryer, but it will also improve the safety of your home. Clogged dryer vents can lead to dangerous fires.

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A Professional Process

Fresh Sweeps is in business to improve the safety, comfort, and security of homeowners and their families, their property, belongings, and pet companions. That’s why you can count on our local teams to be focused on providing you with a quality, reliable cleaning service that adheres to high standards.

Here are some of the advantages of our professional process:

Convenient Appointment Scheduling that fits your life and availability. Whether through our Scheduling Center or Online Scheduler, the time you select for your appointment is the time the Fresh Sweeps field technicians will arrive to conduct a cleaning. We don’t offer those annoying “window appointments” that leave you waiting and wondering when we’ll show up.

Reliable, Clear Estimates pave the way for a pressure-free cleaning. In the event that larger problems are discovered with the clothes dryer appliance, you can count on your Fresh Sweeps technician to address any issues with you so that we can find the best solution for your home.

Low-Impact Home Visits that don’t interrupt your daily life. Our cleaning process is designed to get results while minimizing any inconveniences to you or your home. This means we’ll take great care to protect your property from any removed dirt and debris contained before removal.

Thorough Treatment Process that results in a truly clean dryer vent system. From cleaning the exhaust ports on the clothes dryer itself to clearing all points in the venting system, the Fresh Sweeps field technician will ensure your system is thoroughly clean and free of obstructions.

Post-Cleaning Operational Checks allow the technician to make certain the cleaning leaves the system operating efficiently and as safely as possible. While there’s no guarantee that the dryer will last years longer, it should now be performing in a manner that reduces the load on the exhaust system.

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Regular cleaning of a dryer vent system is a responsible way to protect people, property, and the things that matter in life. Fresh Sweeps is standing by to serve you and your home. Call today or use our handy Online Scheduler!

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On time and efficient TN. - McKenzie, ND - 02/10/2024
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Communication was excellent which indicates the cleaning of both chimneys was done properly PG. - Boulder, CO - 01/27/2024
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Anthony was so nice and courteous! Referred him to my son Adam Valore! Also on my neighborhood referral board! RD. - Littleton, CO - 12/07/2023
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