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How We Sweep: The Differences Matter

In most areas of life, how a service is performed does affect the outcome. For example, no two car washes leave a vehicle identically clean. No two dry cleaners give the customer the same treatment of shirt, blouse or pants.

As the founders of Fresh Sweeps learned in starting Oxi-Fresh Carpet Cleaning, there are major differences when it comes to leaving a carpet clean. As well as having that carpet resist the build-up of dirt quickly as well as having the home’s occupants feeling safe and secure.

In the same manner, chimney sweeping is a service that puts service technicians into a home, rental property or business where many of the results can be visually identified. But one where the health and safety of occupants is not easy to determine at a glance.

Fresh Sweeps is a top-tier chimney sweeping service provider for three reasons. Some of them will be obvious during the first visit by a local, certified technician. Others that are less visible equal months and years of comfort and safety after the chimney sweeping.

Reason #1: Fresh Sweeps Starts by Knowing Before Going Local Fresh Sweeps owners and their teams of certified technicians have learned not to sweep, then hope. Level 1 inspections are recommended for chimneys that have a documented history of inspection and sweeping. Level 2 inspections go well beyond Level 1 examination to provide a full flue video scan of the entire chimney system.

This happens as the Fresh Sweeps technician diagrams the system to spot potential problems based upon a wealth of past experience. Then, open discussion with home and property owners follows as part of each service call during which a connection is built for the years ahead. Because health, safety and security are on the line, there’s no room for assumptions or miscommunication.

Reason #2: Fresh Sweeps Operates to National Standards

Every technician arrives at the property as a Certified Chimney Professional. This not only speaks to Fresh Sweeps’ commitment to distinctive service, but to the seriousness attached to the consequences of chimney sweeping. Where health and safety are improved, but only when the work is done properly.

Reason #3: Fresh Sweeps Knows The Local Chimney Architecture and Conditions Even between fireplaces and heating appliances, the structure of hearth, chimney system and outside vent are dramatically different. Many cities, towns and rural areas have unique government codes to govern them. In addition, the materials used may vary from fieldstone to rocks, brick, metal and even ceramic chimney components.

Regional and local weather have a bearing on chimney sweeping practices as well. For example, longer and colder winters lead to more frequent fireplace and heater use. In places where the wood being burned is less dense and more sap-filled, the amount of residue building up inside a chimney is greatly increased.

It’s for these three reasons – and many more – that chimney sweeping by Fresh Sweeps is an uncommon experience. By way of contrast, the methods used by most independent and solo chimney sweepers can be very difficult to understand or monitor.

Homeowners and property managers need to entrust chimney sweeping to a certified team with documented practices and procedures. The well being of the occupants along with their property is simply too important.

TURN FRESH SWEEPS SUPERIOR METHODS into a safer and cleaner home. Call or go online now to schedule a time-specific appointment to fit your schedule.

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Freddy was great. Called ahead, friendly, explained everything. Had fireplace and dryer vent clean and loved that price was reduced for double service. Thanks VS. - Boulder, CO - 04/14/2024
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It was quck and the technician was very nice ! JE. - Minot, ND - 01/11/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Jordan swept my chimney and also added a chimney cap so no water would get in. Great local guy and business! af. - Bismarck, ND - 10/24/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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