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Helping safeguard the comfort, safety, and security of your tenants is the top priority of the local Fresh Sweeps team. What’s also important to us is ensuring that the business side of the equation works as well. After all, as commercial property owners and managers, you need both results and a company that you can work with.

That positive relationship starts with a full, and compelling, menu of the services that are most in demand for residential and business properties. At the center of this list of offerings is chimney inspections, chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and animal removal. Behind each of these services are our teams, who have extensive training. You can count on them for results. 

Our efforts toward a productive business relationship continues with straightforward, understandable pricing. Property managers always have a clear idea of what’s being contracted before work starts. This makes managing budgets much simpler as it includes documenting specifics about the pre- and post-condition of the property.

The Fresh Sweeps scheduling approach is connected to the realities of property management.

A third leg to our business relationship focus is the convenient scheduling of commercial appointments. The local Fresh Sweeps team understands that every hour of the day is not equal. Service calls during business hours cuts into profit. 

Sometimes, work is best performed when tenants are expected to be out of the property. Other times, having them present helps everyone feel confident that the proper steps have been taken to solve a problem. And often the best time is when other property maintenance or repair already has been scheduled.

Fresh Sweeps time-specific appointments are a superior way to coordinate repair and maintenance – unlike common four-to eight-hour “window scheduling” some providers offer. What’s more, Fresh Sweeps also offers evening, nights, and weekend appointments. We specialize in convenient commercial appointments.

Top Notch Services, Focused on Convenience & Handy Scheduling

Chimney sweeping. Air duct cleaning. Dryer vent cleaning. Animal removal. Each of these important services requires certain steps to both get results and to keep the property as clean, quiet and dust free as possible. You can trust Fresh Sweeps to take these processes seriously. 

Technicians show up when specifically scheduled, ready to do the work with consideration for your convenience. Keeping hallways and entrances open is a priority in the same way protecting people, pets and property against excessive dust, dirt and debris matters to Fresh Sweeps.

Convenient commercial appointments are scheduled around you and your property’s  needs. Whether it’s nights or weekends, one-off cleanings or a recurring maintenance program, we do our best to ensure that you can have the best in chimney sweeping.

Seven Essentials in a Commercial Chimney Sweep

  1. Convenient Commercial Appointments: Is the provider or contractor ready to show up at a time that works for you? And did they come prepared to do the work, including bringing all necessary protective tarps and HEPA-compliant vacuuming equipment?
  2. Reputation: It doesn’t take long to find out what others say about a company. Social media is ready to rate every call and offer a sense of what to expect in the way of timeliness, courtesy, and professionalism.
  3. Proper Certifications: Many of the services provided by Fresh Sweeps are connected with national training organizations along with being covered by the Team’s insurance on every call. This means a higher level of performance for property managers.
  4. Service Menu: As with the other company started by the team that specializes in carpet cleaning, Fresh Sweeps focuses its attention on specific systems inside a commercial or residential property. With many skills in common between them along with a commitment to excellence at every point.
  5. Technical Capabilities: Accomplishing the mission comes first. But if chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and animal removal aren’t efficient and thorough, even customer-considerate, time-specific scheduling matters little. Fresh Sweeps never short cuts results but allows adequate time for excellence.
  6. Clean-Up: The final condition of the property is one indication of the service provider’s professionalism. And a demonstration of their respect for the pressing demands on the property manager’s time and resources. Cleaner is clearly better in this case.
  7. Pricing: Property managers and owners should expect to understand what it costs for chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and animal removal. Along with receiving full documentation of the work that was completed.

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