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Grand Forks, ND - Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your clothes dryer offers a lot of conveniences. With a simple push of a button, you’re able to get nice, dry clothes fast. However, Grand Forks dryer vent cleanings are vital if you want to keep your valuable appliance running well.

Each time the dryer is run, the clothes inside shed fibers. This fiber is what forms lint. While the lint trap will capture most of the shed fiber, there’s still a portion that escapes through the vents and exhaust hood. On average, about 250 loads of laundry are handled by your dryer every year. That’s a lot of lint that could be accumulated within the vent system by now.

And that’s dangerous. Lint makes a great kindling specifically because of how full of air and easy to light it is. Did you know that there are 2,900 dryer vent fires in the U.S. every year? About 1,000 of those fires are caused by a failure to clean the dryer vent system.

In addition to lint buildup being a massive fire hazard, it also prevents the exhaust air from circulating as needed. This puts stress on your machine, which shortens its overall lifespan and makes dry times take far longer than they should.

If you want to avoid these troubles, what should you do? The answer is to book a Grand Forks dryer vent cleaning with Fresh Sweeps Chimney & Air Duct. We have expert cleaners who will inspect your dryer and vents, then use a negative air pressure machine and vacuum to thoroughly clean the appliance out. When we’re done cleaning for you, you’ll have a clean dryer vent system, a machine that’s able to run smoothly, and a safer home.

If you’re ready to schedule a Grand Forks dryer vent cleaning with us, then call us directly at 888-373-4793!

Meet Mike Burton and Jordan Engel


When you're in need of the best dryer vent cleaner in Grand Forks, look no further than Mike Burton and Jordan Engel. Their crew of certified cleaners has the training and tools necessary to get the job done right. They'll work their absolute hardest to clean your dryer vent system, putting emphasis on improving its efficacy and safety.

Protecting Homes & Giving Back

Fresh Sweeps puts great importance on helping improve the safety of your home and your family. You can depend on us to work hard to protect you from the dangers of having an uncleaned dryer vent system.

And those dangers are all too real. Each time you use the dryer, lint is shed and escapes through the vents and exhaust hood. As lint accumulates in the dryer vent system, it becomes a fire hazard.

The average person uses the dryer hundreds of times throughout the year. That can lead to a scary amount of lint trapped in the vent system. Now, ask yourself, when was the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned?

The U.S. Fire Administration recommends that you have a Grand Forks dryer vent cleaning done every year. Has it been longer than that since you had your own dryer vents cleaned out? If so, it's time to call Fresh Sweeps. We'll clean your dryer vent system and help protect you against a dangerous fire starting in your home.

Not only do we offer Grand Forks dryer vent cleanings, but we also provide chimney sweeping and air duct cleaning! Schedule your appointment today; all it takes is a quick phone call!

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