Fort Collins Dryer Vent Cleaning


Fort Collins Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clothes dryers are a major convenience and part of modern living. With just a click of a button, you can get clothes that are dry, soft, and smelling great. Fort Collins dryer vent cleaning is important because the one thing you don’t want is a dirty dryer vent causing a safety hazard in your home.

Whenever you run a dryer with clothes in it, bits of fabric are shed from the clothing. This lint is trapped in the lint trap of your dryer. Over time, however, small bits of lint will escape, and make their way down into the dryer vent. With an average of 250 loads dried in the average home, you can see how much would accumulate. 

You don’t want to have lint sitting in your dryer vent. Lint is perfect kindling, combining the right amount of air and flammability to make it easily lit. On average, the U.S. has more than 2,900 dryer vent fires every year. Around 1,000 of these are directly caused by not cleaning the vent.

Not only does a dirty dryer vent cause a fire hazard, but it can kill the efficiency of your dryer. Over time, it can even make the dryer break down faster. If you don’t want your dryer breaking down faster, or catching on fire, book a Fort Collins dryer vent cleaning with Fresh Sweeps Chimney & Air Duct

Our expert cleaners will inspect, prep, and take care of the entire process. We use negative air pressure machines and powerful vacuums to thoroughly clean your system. Once we’re done, your machine will run better and you’ll have a safer home. There’s no better time to have us clean for you than right now. 

We can’t wait to be your Fort Collins dryer vent cleaning provider! Use our Online Scheduler or you can call us at 970-893-8700 to get the cleaning that your home needs.

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Anthony cleaned the air ducts in my home last week and was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He explained the entire process to me and was honest as to how often I should have them cleaned. I would recommend Anthony to anyone. He is a hard working man! W. - Littleton, CO - 09/05/2023
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The technician was very helpful, friendly and did a great job! AC. - Omaha, NE - 02/02/2017
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Thank you for your on-time service. You even cleaned an additional chimney that was added on at the last minute. AC. - Parker, CO - 02/01/2017
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If you need someone that can take care of your appliances and cleaning, there’s no one you need more than Matt Kline. You can trust Matt and his team to get the job done right. They are highly trained and ready to get started.

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Here at Fresh Sweeps, we prioritize the safety of your home and the people that live there. You can trust us to work hard and protect you and your family from the dangers of an uncleaned dryer vent. Those dangers are quite real.

Lint gathers every time you operate your dryer. How long has it been since you had it inspected or cleaned? The U.S. Fire Administration recommends that you have a Fort Collins dryer vent cleaning every year. Not sure when your last cleaning was? Let Fresh Sweeps take care of the cleaning for you. 

Fresh Sweeps offers more than just Fort Collins dryer vent cleaning. We can take care of your chimney sweeping and air duct cleaning as well! Call us at 970-893-8700 or use our Online Scheduler!

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