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The chimney, dryer vent, and air duct systems in our customers’ homes and businesses are important and deserve professional care and attention. But just because it’s best practice to have a professional inspect and maintain these systems doesn’t mean you have to be in the dark about how they work.

In the Fresh Sweeps Blog, you can look forward to posts about such topics. We’ll go over everything from the science of chimneys, to how air duct systems work, to how Fresh Sweeps is able to safely clean dryer vent lines. We’ll also share general safety tips, articles full of useful home maintenance information, and much more.

Start reading to learn more about your home and how Fresh Sweeps can help keep it safe.

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Cleaning your chimneys can be messy and time-consuming, but Fresh Sweeps Chimney Sweep and Air Duct Cleaning is safe and easy to keep your chimneys and air ducts working properly and efficiently.

Fresh Sweeps Launches New Website
Welcome to the Fresh Sweeps Website!

Welcome to the Fresh Sweeps Website! Your New Destination for Chimney Sweep Services, Air Duct Cleaning, and Dryer Vent Cleaning We’re proud to announce our new website here at Fresh Sweeps! This great site has all the information you’ll need about our chimney sweep services, our dryer vent cleanings, and our air duct cleanings. Plus, […]

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I paid to have my fireplace serviced and was told in two seconds of seeing it 'it looks fine' and then asked for a high payment (quoted 199 for service and cleaning but was charged 135 because he 'had to charge me something' because he didn't need to do anything. no cleaning or anything, he just turned it on and said it worked as we already knew)I was surprised by being charged such a high amount for not having anything done. JM. - Aurora, CO - 01/23/2017
(1.0 Out of 5 stars)
Tech was awsome. DS. - Elizabeth, CO - 01/23/2017
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Called about replacing chimney cap that blew off in a wind storm. Justin was professional and went above the normal to inspect the chimney and make recommendations. Also, helped replace the old cap until we make a decision on upgrading the chimney for normal use. ND. - Colorado Springs, CO - 01/16/2017
(4.5 Out of 5 stars)

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Fresh Sweeps trained technicians can handle animal removal in chimneys and ventilation systems. No matter if it's a raccoon, bird, or other animal in the chimney, we can remove it humanely and safely.

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